Style, Science and Salaries

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of Chicago Magazine which features their ever-popular Salaries Issue. Curious about what that CEO makes? How much dough that baker brings in, or what those hard-working non-profit saints can pull in? You'll find it there!

You'll also find a portrait that I photographed of NBC 5's lovely and beautiful reporter/anchor Anna Davlantes. Pick up a copy to learn more about her and her new show! This image was created at the amazing International Museum of Surgical Science here in Chicago. The IMSS is a wonderful place to get lost in the world of surgical science. Stare at softball sized gall stones, peek into the Iron Lung, or gaze upon towering statues in the Hall of Immortals. Definitely a place to see here in Chicago! This shot was styled by Julie Tallarida with an amazing wardrobe provided by Maria Pinto, which was impressively complimented by the makeup and hair styled by Ashley Bourdon.