LOST: Bunny Mask

FOUND: A way to repay yourself for driving from Chicago to Ohio and back. Thanks Jim.

More randoms

Its amazing what you'll find in a convention center in Dayton, Ohio.

Random photos

Dayton, Ohio - June 25th 2008

Screen grab bag with Kid Sister

New spread we recently shot at the Markham Roller Rink of rising star Kid Sister.

Random Photo

Little Rock, Arkansas - April 24th 2008

On the road this week

Yay Ohio! Woo Hooo!! Enjoy these drive by shots on I-70 East

We'll be back in the studio in a few days.

Screen grab bag with Arts & Business Council

Just wrapped a busy shoot with the Arts & Business Council. It was packed full of talent and wisdom - from famous Jazz trupeter Orbert Davis to the hilarious and talented Lacy Coil of the fantastic Barrel of Monkeys. Today rocked! Here's a screen grab bag of quickies . . .

Hannibal Buress for CHICAGO MAGAZINE

Hot off the press. This was such a great project to work on with Art Director Jennifer Moore and Photo Editor Brittney Blair from Chicago Magazine. I built this entire 2" scale set to coordinate with the write up on this fast-rising comedian, Hannibal Buress. He was equally great to work with and I know he's going to go far.


One of the many reasons why I'm in love with David Byrne. Favorite lyric "Everyday is fucking perfect". Directed by the amazing Keith Schofield


Look Up

Markham Roller Rink

Congrats Steppenwolf Theatre!

Congratulations to STEPPENWOLF THEATRE and the entire production of AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY for kicking ass at the 2008 Tony Awards last night!!
BEST PLAY (and Playwright Tracy Letts)
ANNA SHAPIRO - Best Director
DEANNA DUNAGAN - Best Leading Actress
RONDI REED - Best Featured Actress

And a special congratulations to our great friend TODD ROSENTHAL for Best Scenic Design!!!


Human interruption of nature is quite amazing from a cruising altitude of 37,000 feet.



We can help you out! My partner, Brian (the most amazing scenic and lighting designer in the world) has a handful of fantastic plays in the area.

Out at Drury Lane Oak Brook, his set can be scene in THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY, which just opened up. It is a bit far away, but totally worth it!

At Navy Pier, Brian designed the lighting for the amazing Cirque Shanghai. It opens this week and runs through September 1st. You've got plenty of time, but that doesn't mean that you should procrastinate.

And finally, Brian's scenic design for the hip-hop production of FUNK IT UP ABOUT NOTHIN' is at the (ahem...2008 Tony Award winning) Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. It opens June 25th and runs through August 3rd.

So, there you have it. Three great things to do this summer. Don't tell me you're bored until you've seen all of these shows. After that, I am more than happy to dance for you for entertainment and/or cash.

Snowbird gallery show!

Well, kinda. Here's a couple outtakes from a recent shoot. I built this scale model of a gallery which comes complete with a teeny tiny EXIT sign that lights up, hand-tumbled bricks (each placed by hand) and tiny pleated curtains. There are even skylights and scaled-down wood floor planks! I guess you'll just have to wait until July's issue of Chicago Magazine to find out who is busting through!!

Guerrilla Art Show!

My neighborhood is having the second annual Fulton Market Guerrilla Furniture and Art Truck Show on June 10th!

Grab a drink, see some art, eat some meat, be a better person.

Ethan Joshua C.

Today I spent a little time with Ethan who was born May 12th to our dear friends Charlie and Angela Cooper. Congrats!! Say hello to Ethan . . .