We can help you out! My partner, Brian (the most amazing scenic and lighting designer in the world) has a handful of fantastic plays in the area.

Out at Drury Lane Oak Brook, his set can be scene in THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY, which just opened up. It is a bit far away, but totally worth it!

At Navy Pier, Brian designed the lighting for the amazing Cirque Shanghai. It opens this week and runs through September 1st. You've got plenty of time, but that doesn't mean that you should procrastinate.

And finally, Brian's scenic design for the hip-hop production of FUNK IT UP ABOUT NOTHIN' is at the (ahem...2008 Tony Award winning) Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. It opens June 25th and runs through August 3rd.

So, there you have it. Three great things to do this summer. Don't tell me you're bored until you've seen all of these shows. After that, I am more than happy to dance for you for entertainment and/or cash.