Outtakes from today's shoot for Bicycle Magazine

Whew! What a workout! Here are a few fun moments from today's shoot for Bicycle Magazine. Check back to see images of the man who's 177 hours and 45 minute ride on a stationary bike shattered the Guinness Book of World Record's previous record by 2 hours! Yowzahs!

Dear Adobe

I LOVE THIS! Click here

Time Out Chicago covershoot

Here's the last frame from today's shoot for Time Out Chicago! I couldn't resist getting in on this one. Especially since I'm a professional High-fiver! Look for the real shot on the cover and in newstands in a couple weeks!

Thanks to Joey, Akira, Ife and Tia for rocking out in the alley! And thanks to my assistants Mark, Ben, Josh and Ross for holdin' down the fort!

Kid Sister

Hot off the press. Here's a simple little cover and spread we shot for Venus Zine this summer with Kid Sister. A big thanks to my assistant Seth (who is in a moving van right now on his way to the Big Apple!). Styling was rocked by the one and only Constanze Lyndsay Han in LA.

Behind the scenes this week

We had a fantastic three day shoot with AbelsonTaylor this week. Five locations with a crew so stellar I wish I could stick them all in my pocket and take home to show mamma!

CD: Brian Wheatley
AD: Jane Betz
Producer: Lynn Renee Productions
Wardrobe/props: Carrie Griffin Boyd
Hair/Makeup: Ashley Bourdon
Location Scout: Oryna Schiffman
Digi-tech: Neil John Burger
Assistants: Mark Doddato, Seth Mooney, Josh Richley
Professional High-fiver: Ryan Robinson

Chicago Magazine - September Issue

If you've ever yelled "DAGNABBIT!" because some gosh-darn varmint was trapped inside of your attic, you should have called Rick from All Thats Wildlife. Check him out in this months spread for Chicago Magazine. We had a blast shooting up in an attic during the blistery 100˚ afternoon heat. A big thanks to my crew, Mark & Ben for sweating their asses off and lugging that useless air conditioner 3 flights of stairs!

Behind the scenes today

Yep, I love my job. Another fantastic day shooting with an all-star crew and an even better client!

Thanks Josh for taking care of the behind the scenes footage!

Shooting a sweet campaign this week . . .

Here, here, here, here and here. Look for us around town and say hi!

Who has two thumbs and loves shooting on Mondays?

This guy! (imagine me with both thumbs pointing at my face)
We had such a great shoot today for a new campaign for Wahl Sterling with the super talented design firm Grip.

The first person to guess where this corner is, I'll send you a super-fly print signed by your's truly! Sorry Kevin, Amanda, Josh, Camay, Mark and Seth, you can't play - you were here with me.

How NOT to start a weekend . . .

So, this is what happens when a semi-truck sideswipes you at 70mph and you end up getting pushed sideways for 1/4 mile. We're all okay and made it to my cousin Nina's wedding on time, just not in this car.
Please wear your seatbelt and be safe - there's a ton of crazy, careless drivers out there. The ones that are driving with 18 wheels need to be a bit more aware of their surroundings.

Weekend travels

Kentucky . . . here we come! Have a great weekend!!

Outtake from today!

Not only is it super fun to work at my studio, but you also get to see me in action as a professional stand-in while the talent is being prepped! Here's a fun little outtake from today's shoot with DraftFCB for Hampton Inn.
Whew! Now we're off to Louisville, KY for the weekend! We'll be bringing back some of that tasty Kentucky bourbon to snack on!

Snowbirds, a favorite of Apartment Therapy!

One of the many daily blogs that I'm addicted to, Apartment Therapy has a feature up right now about large scale artwork as a focal point in your home. One of their favorites is none other than your's truly! Check out the post here, or just take a gander at the photo below!!! Thanks Apartment Therapy!!

And you can always view the Snowbirds on the link to the right!


Outside the studio this morning. Ouch!

How to end a great weekend.

Great weather, grilled meat, corn on the cob, ice cold PBR, a lake in the country, and a bunch of great friends. Ahhh summer!

New wheels for the studio!

This head-turning, two-toned, fuel efficient, kick ass new bike is sure to turn any trip to the photo-lab into something way more fun than searching for parking. And the best part? It's got a Swiss-made double-leg Pfletcher kickstand that keeps it perfectly upright.

It's one bad-ass mutha of a ride! Come by the studio and give it a whirl!