A pretty package arrived today.

Can I just say, the improvements to Photoshop, Bridge and Illustrator are so incredible it literally gave me butterflies in my tummy when I used them for the first time.

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this little bundle of joy.

(And yes, I did just refer to my stomach as my 'tummy'. Shut up.)

Warren and a Queen

Not much to say about this one. Warren (on the left) is an old friend of mine and an incredible artist. I don't think I need to explain the other image. I shot it last night at the 3rd annual Guerrilla Truck Show in our neighborhood.
Ryan Robinson Photography

Classic cars, hot women, overalls and boots

Classic cars are hot! Their owners are even steamier. I love Summer.
Ryan Robinson Photography
Ryan Robinson Photography

Metropolis Magic Hour

Here are just a few of the people that we encountered during our downtime from photographing the Superheros. This place had the most interesting mix of characters, all of them incredibly friendly and interesting in their own unique way.
Ryan Robinson Photography
Jon from Albuquerque and the Miss Supergirl Beauty Pageant 2nd Runner-Up
Ryan Robinson Photography
Cowboy and 'Papa Santa'
Ryan Robinson Photography
Dale from Metropolis, IL and a clown with her mobile face painting kit.
Ryan Robinson Photography
Tantrum by the Corn Dog stand. Elvis/John Travolta impersonator from Nashville.

Keep checking back! More images of the Superheros are coming!


Man oh man!

Just got back from the most fantastic weekend filled with the most eclectic group of Superhero Super-fans in the country! Emily and I captured some serious portraits of over 60 superhero look-a-likes, a handful of goofy kids and a gaggle of locals. I'm so excited to process the images it makes my head hurt!

Here's a quick snapshot from the weekend! Stay tuned! Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!