So, I'm going to be working here in 10 days and was scouting the area via Google Maps. Can you spot anything out of the ordinary on this image? Holy Crap!

What is brand new and weighs barely over eight pounds?

No, its not the new Canon 5D Mark II and a new lens (but that would be quite lovely!)
Welcome to the world Evelyn Aileen! Congratulations to my rep, Lisa Button and her fabulous husband, Tom, on the birth of their beautiful baby girl!

Real photos to follow!

Deer John

Part of a new series I'm working on. Enjoy!

People of Planet Earth, please line up

I recently captured some fresh faces for the über-cool new talent agency Planet Earth Agency and their fearless leader Julie T. If you're looking for the ordinary or the extraordinary, they've got the talent you're looking for. Here's a small lineup of some of the wonderful characters who were just added to the roster of unique and real people in Chicago.

Sex sells

Here are a couple images I created for this week's Time Out Chicago for their Sex Issue. HOT!

Another decade closes

...and the next decade promises to be fantastic! I spent last week on the west coast working as well as celebrating the last days of my 20s with some amazing friends. Here are a few personal pics from my week.
This was the Georgia O'keeffe-esque sky in Chicago on my way to the airport.
Yoga on a bluff in my old stomping ground in Santa Barbara
My close friend Susan taking some pics of the beach below.
This image is the last daylight moments of my 20s. It was an amazing sunset and reinforces my appreciation for where I've been and where I'm headed. I love creating images and am so lucky to be doing what I'm doing. Happy Birthday to me - dammit!

Another year older

And I still haven't done the following:

- served time in prison
- voted republican
- learned Swedish
- stare at a magic eye poster, and "see" the image
- knitted a scarf
- been captain of a hockey team
- learned to fly

This Friday is my official birthday and we're going to celebrate it around 7PM at the rooftop bar of The Standard hotel in downtown LA. If you're in the area, please come by and help me toast another year on this rotating hairball of a planet!

International Photography Awards recognition

Its always great to see my work recognized on any level. The International Photography Awards saluted some of my photos with honorable mentions this year. The 2008 Snowbird series was recognized in addition to a portrait of Hannibal Burress for Chicago Magazine and a happy little RV also shot in Florida during the Snowbirds tour in 2008. Thanks!!!

Big loser

Took a small road trip down south to shoot another assignment for Bicycle Magazine. Jerry Lisenby is definitely no loser but was one of the Biggest Losers on NBC.

And as with most assignments, I took advantage of our location to do a little testing for the portfolio. Stay tuned for the attack of the 15 foot piñata!

Two new pieces

I was going to keep one of these a secret for a couple months, but they just make me laugh and hopefully you'll laugh too! Enjoy!

Sneak peek at a new series

I've been working on a new promo series and I'm pretty jazzed about what it is shaping up to be. You've gotta see the rest of the image, but will just have to wait until we're finished with the series. (and yes, I said 'jazzed' ... shut up)