Dad at night

My dad kicks ass. Here is another photo of him and his horse, Blackjack, out on the farm. I photographed him for a particular concept (which inevitably didn't work - hey, we all have failed concepts, right?). We're planning a trip to Montana in a few months to see my dad get married and to visit my brother Kevin. I will try a second attempt at my 'failed' concept in Montana instead of here in below zero weather in Illinois.

Beautiful new view of this city

It is always a treat photograph someone on the very top floor of a brand new skyscraper at 353 North Clark. You get to see this amazing city from a bird's eye view and have such a beautiful quality of light. What's even more amazing is when it's a view of the city that you've never seen before. We're looking south and down onto the amazing Marina Towers and looking north-northwest towards the Gold Coast. I wonder if they'll let me rent a small corner of the floor for my studio?

2010 Green Awards

Here are a handful of portraits that I created for Chicago Magazine. As always, the fantastic Megan Lovejoy gave me some great ideas to springboard off of and I hope you enjoy the final results! This was all shot in studio and lit entirely with tightly spotted strobes. The smoke was artistically controlled by Mark "Fog Man" Doddato and the wardrobe was lovingly styled and primped by Courtney "I'll make you fashion forward" Rust. Happy Spring!!!

Sleeping on the job

Here are some behind the scenes from last week's campaign with DraftFCB. We had a blast shooting inside of a pimp ride with our hilarious talent (who endured hours of acting like he was sleeping (in a not so comfortable position).
Thank you to my clients for just being awesome and for another fantastic crew (Mark, Neil, Brian, Courtney, Ashley and Brandi!!) Stay tuned to see the final image(s)!

photos by Brian Guido ------ If you can't view the gallery above click here