Making History with UFC Magazine

Congrats to everyone involved with the fresh launch of UFC Magazine! I was lucky enough to be tapped by the mighty Seth and Lisa at Men's Fitness to help create a library of portraits and backstage shots for their premier issue of the magazine, which also coordinates with the UFC 100 fight on July 11th in Las Vegas. Go to any newsstand and pick up a copy and check out the world of UFC (and some of my images). Also mark your calendars to watch it live on pay per view!

Below are some other shots we got during our week in Columbus for the UFC 96.

It was a cherry pickin' kinda night!

It's cherry season right now! Go out and find a cherry tree to climb, pick a fresh bagful of cherries and bake yourself a sweet cherry cobbler!

Get out and pick up a game of Badminton!

On Friday, I was fighting through a stack of images to edit and upload to our server, followed by lines of shoppers at the computer store and even bigger lines at (gasp) CostCo. As I handed my unknowingly expired membership card to the clerk (cha ching), I was hit by a beacon of light (which came in the form of a text) "...2 on 2 badminton...need a 4th...5 o'clock at humbolt park." Damn, I love summer

Yesterday's shoot was in the weeds

Literally! We were up on the shore near Northwestern yesterday shooting amongst the lovely mosquitoes, gnats, fish and a plethora of other unknown creepy crawly critters during our water-themed shoot. Ick.

Harness the sun

Here's a few shots from our shoot with Timeline Theatre this week. I'm kinda digging using natural light for once. I told myself that I would only use the power of the sun to create these shots, and I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

The image below was actually shot using LED technology from FloLight. So, the shoot wasn't entirely shot using the sun, but at least no electricity was harmed in the process, right?

A room with a view

Here's a quick shot of the view from our location yesterday. I love shooting in the heart of the city, especially when we're indoors during those impromptu thunderstorms that the weathermen rarely predict!

Father's day camping and cookout

Here's a shot from Father's Day at the campsite! Yep, that's my dad!

Monday's shoot with Timeline Theatre

I spent the first official workday of summer almost entirely outside! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to shoot the season photos for Timeline Theatre Company

Julia Sweeney for Chicago Magazine

I recently had the great pleasure to spend a few moments with the talented Julia Sweeney (a recent addition to Chicagoland). Here are some of my favorite shots from the day! Be sure to pick up a copy of the July issue of Chicago Magazine for the whole scoop on what she's been up to since her days at Saturday Night Live.

I prefer to be called 'intellectually challenged' instead of dunce

We were shooting an editorial portrait down on 69th street this morning. Thanks to all of the kids at the wonderful Francis McKay School who took time out of their hard working first day of summer school to be a part of a few shots! Here's my assistant, Maia, and me taking a 'break' right after we wrapped the shoot. Enjoy!

Summertime shoot

Here's a few behind the scenes from yesterday's Summertime shoot. Despite the gloomy and rainy start to the day (followed by a rented production van that decided to stall an hour before we were set to arrive) it ended up to be a beautiful afternoon. The weather was a perfect backdrop for five mischievous 4th and 5th graders that decided a young ice cream man's fate on a Saturday afternoon.

A BIG thank you goes to the following:
Sage and Mele for the kickass styling
Deborah and Dan for the use of their fabulous home
Umberto for the ice cream cart
Collin and Maia for rocking the assisting world
Kevin for being a good sport when it came to getting tackled by five kids
Jaylynn, Sarah, Najwa, Jacob and Reenie for being our rambunctious thieves
Ryder truck rental for coming through when RSL let me down!

Higher education

Here's a quick shot of me in action from today's shoot up at Northwestern University. Thanks Coach!

Thursday's test shoot was brought to you by the letter 'B'

I think I just added balloon artist to my skillset. Whew . . . I'm winded! Stay tuned for more from today's test shoot. And don't change that channel! The next two weeks are PACKED full of shoots (seven different ones to be exact) Starting with a well known head Coach tomorrow, a gaggle of ice cream thieves on Saturday and a portrait series of the perfect family with a twist.