Summertime shoot

Here's a few behind the scenes from yesterday's Summertime shoot. Despite the gloomy and rainy start to the day (followed by a rented production van that decided to stall an hour before we were set to arrive) it ended up to be a beautiful afternoon. The weather was a perfect backdrop for five mischievous 4th and 5th graders that decided a young ice cream man's fate on a Saturday afternoon.

A BIG thank you goes to the following:
Sage and Mele for the kickass styling
Deborah and Dan for the use of their fabulous home
Umberto for the ice cream cart
Collin and Maia for rocking the assisting world
Kevin for being a good sport when it came to getting tackled by five kids
Jaylynn, Sarah, Najwa, Jacob and Reenie for being our rambunctious thieves
Ryder truck rental for coming through when RSL let me down!