Travel day MSP - ORD

Back to Chicago. Here's one for you wishy-washy lovers.

8mm of fun!

I recently received this fantastic 8mm camera from a wonderful client. They rock, this camera rocks and the shoots we just did together rocked!

Awww schmack!

Frisky Fruit

Well, I'm the one getting frisky . . . but the fruit started it!

Screen Grab Bag - Big Wheels Keep On Turning!

And yes, this is how I spent my Sunday morning! Coffee, eggs and Big Wheels!

I'll keep you looking good!

COME TO MAMA! Here's a recent image from the shoot for Shannon and Carrie @ Pivotal. Their company's philosophy is going to inspire a much needed shift in event design. Remember this name . . . Pivotal . . . say it again . . . Pivotal . . .

Once more . . . Pivotal. Good!

Screen Grab Bag - Compost!

Another one from last week.

Redbull gives you wings!

Well, at least it makes you leap really really high!

Screen Grab Bag - Spirited Dancing!

What a way to spend a Saturday in the studio. Everyone needs their own personal dance floor every once in a while, eh? Thanks Pat for rockin that tux like it was going out of style (wait a sec).

Screen Grab Bag - Fresh Fruit

Another shoot from the past week! Fun phallic fruit!

Screen Grab Bag - Lookin' Good eh?

Thank you Matthew for throwin down some serious looks! I'm really looking forward to working with Matthew again. Super talented, incredible looks and a style that no one can match!

Holy SH*T! I love what I do!

We had a really really REALLY busy week last week. Here are some outtakes from the last few shoots from the weekend. Damn! I really love this. Thanks Carrie & Shannon @ Pivotal, Mark, Kelly, Pat, Matthew, Brian, Ben and Emily! You guys rocked and proved that being a photographer is such a privilege! Real outtakes will come in a few . . .

Screen Grab Bag with Chicago Magazine

We had a fantastic (hot and humid) shoot today! Thanks to Mark and Ben for kicking ass! Tomorrow is chock full of more curious things in the studio and on Sunday, watch out for some major tire burnouts on sidewalks!

Congrats Mi Belle!!

My close friend, and old college roommate, Michelle (and partner Josh) recently photographed an amazing wedding for Andrew Firestone (former ABC's The Bachelor) and his new wife Ivana. It was just featured as a HUGE spread in the latest US Weekly and it ROCKED! There's a reason why they are considered one of THE BEST wedding and event photographers anywhere. Congrats!
Mi Belle Inc

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Thanks Lisa! This made me smile and laugh...

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Screen Grab Bag with DDB

Just wrapped another shoot today. Had the fantastic pleasure of working with DDB Chicago on a fun little campaign.

And if you're a lucky photographer, like me, you have trusty assistants such as these blokes. If looks could kill eh?
Stay tuned! It's only hump-day and I've still got a few more shoots filled with (are you ready?)
Furry critters
Sexually suggestive fruit
A man with eight hands
A hot little compost pile
Grown men dancing
and . . . vintage Big Wheels!!

Screen Grab Bag with Steppenwolf Theatre

Had a fun shoot with the kids at Steppenwolf's Young Adult Council on Tuesday. What a fun group of peeps!


From way over the pond . . . thank you Sergio @ 40Fakes!

Dive into Netdiver!

I've been a fan of for a LONG LONG time. Carol has posted great words about my work and my website for each redesign. Today she put up another shout out to me which made me blush. Thanks Carol!
Net Diver

Merci beaucoup!


Random Photos

Farm country, Ottawa, Illinois

The Fourth in 'Almost Iowa'

BIGGER is better!

In honor of America's growing waistbands (and my 100th post), I've updated most of the recent posts with bigger images. So, from now on expect a beefier blog with super-sized images!
Who says size doesn't matter?