I'm a Loaner

In these bumpy economic times just remember that there is an entire population (likely around 80% of the world) who barely have the resources to eat, and live their lives to the fullest. And trying to start a business is next to impossible for anyone in a developing country. My point is (not to sound preachy) with a week's worth of Starbucks Mocha Pocha Chatta Lattes you could help lead hopeful women and men, across the globe, in reaching their goal to start their own business, which will enhance the quality of life for them and their communities.

Enter Microfinancing and the world of Kiva. A whole new level of hope and charity. Truly the way a charity should work with modern internet resources and technology. They had me at hello. I've recently joined up with Kiva in a quest to do more with what I have, even if it isn't very much. To find out more about Kiva, check out their extremely intuitive website here.


We're back in the studio for less than 10 hours and now we're off to another shoot. Motor City here we come!

Also this is my 200th post on the blog! Kick ass!! Beers are on me tonight!

Style, Science and Salaries

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of Chicago Magazine which features their ever-popular Salaries Issue. Curious about what that CEO makes? How much dough that baker brings in, or what those hard-working non-profit saints can pull in? You'll find it there!

You'll also find a portrait that I photographed of NBC 5's lovely and beautiful reporter/anchor Anna Davlantes. Pick up a copy to learn more about her and her new show! This image was created at the amazing International Museum of Surgical Science here in Chicago. The IMSS is a wonderful place to get lost in the world of surgical science. Stare at softball sized gall stones, peek into the Iron Lung, or gaze upon towering statues in the Hall of Immortals. Definitely a place to see here in Chicago! This shot was styled by Julie Tallarida with an amazing wardrobe provided by Maria Pinto, which was impressively complimented by the makeup and hair styled by Ashley Bourdon.


On the road again! Although, I wish we were headed to a warm tropical climate. Instead, we'll just have to settle with southern Indiana. Oh well! See you in a few days!


Here are the 2009 Spring portfolios! This time, we transitioned from a landscape tabloid size to a more user-friendly 12x15 inch format which, when opened, gives the viewer a fantastic 24x15 inch spread! As an important necessity, the books have the ability to be updated with new images and re-paginated at any moment. This is especially important since I'm constantly building my portfolio (both online and printed).

The books were a collaborative effort. The hand-honed birch covers were crafted by a friend, the skeleton of each book is a modified Pina Zangaro screwpost cover (in white) and the paper was supplied by InkPress out of Brooklyn, NY and was trimmed, scored and punched by the amazing Rohner Press here in Chicago.
Our next phase of this redesign will include a set of pocket-sized versions of these wooden beauties (for clients) and a mega-oversized printed book just for in-studio viewing.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that showed up to hear me speak at the Apple Store here in Chicago last night! New faces, great friends and a wealth of talented photographers were present! And a special thanks to APA for creating such a great opportunity and to the generosity of ModernPostcard, MyEmma, Data Robotics and PaperChase Printing for extending a discount for those that attended.
Special thanks also goes out to my underarm deodorant for the wetness protection.

Your friendly reminder to save the date!

I will be speaking at the Apple Store here in the Windy City on Monday, February 16th @ 7:00PM - 8:00PM. I'll be sharing the stories behind the images, my path to becoming a photographer and the happy "mistakes" that have built the foundation of my portfolio and identity. In addition, I will talk about the importance of developing your portfolio, being resourceful, and keeping busy during the itchy economic times.

Plus, those that attend will receive shiny discounts from industry brands that I use and trust!

Speedy delivery from Bolivia!

Look what just arrived in the mail today! My model, Pepe, from Bolivia! He's part of a new concept image I'm working on. I just can't wait to photograph him and his little buddy who is still inside the package! Keep tuned for his final resting place in my portfolio!!


On the road AGAIN! This time we're off to Atlanta for a week. Gonna try to see how many roads named Peachtree we can drive on! In the meantime, be sure to keep February 16th open on your calendars! See you soon! Woop woop!