Here are the 2009 Spring portfolios! This time, we transitioned from a landscape tabloid size to a more user-friendly 12x15 inch format which, when opened, gives the viewer a fantastic 24x15 inch spread! As an important necessity, the books have the ability to be updated with new images and re-paginated at any moment. This is especially important since I'm constantly building my portfolio (both online and printed).

The books were a collaborative effort. The hand-honed birch covers were crafted by a friend, the skeleton of each book is a modified Pina Zangaro screwpost cover (in white) and the paper was supplied by InkPress out of Brooklyn, NY and was trimmed, scored and punched by the amazing Rohner Press here in Chicago.
Our next phase of this redesign will include a set of pocket-sized versions of these wooden beauties (for clients) and a mega-oversized printed book just for in-studio viewing.