I'm a Loaner

In these bumpy economic times just remember that there is an entire population (likely around 80% of the world) who barely have the resources to eat, and live their lives to the fullest. And trying to start a business is next to impossible for anyone in a developing country. My point is (not to sound preachy) with a week's worth of Starbucks Mocha Pocha Chatta Lattes you could help lead hopeful women and men, across the globe, in reaching their goal to start their own business, which will enhance the quality of life for them and their communities.

Enter Microfinancing and the world of Kiva. A whole new level of hope and charity. Truly the way a charity should work with modern internet resources and technology. They had me at hello. I've recently joined up with Kiva in a quest to do more with what I have, even if it isn't very much. To find out more about Kiva, check out their extremely intuitive website here.