Behinds the scenes from this week's shoots

And this is the infamous live web video camera (don't laugh, it's our BETA version) For our next shoot, we are going to try out a different perspective (literally) and allow you to hear the shoot as well as see it happen!

The Super 8 for Chicago Magazine

No, not the super-saver motel chain. It was such a great experience meeting and photographing all of the extremely talented teens for Chicago Magazine. I was really impressed by all of them. Be sure to pick up a copy of September's issue of Chicago Magazine to read the inspiring accomplishments and hard work these teens have.

And a HUGE thank you to the amazing crew that helped get through eight dramatically different locations throughout the city and suburbs:
Producer: Emily Simon
Wardrobe Stylist: Courntey Rust
Makeup/Hair: Ashley Bourdon
Assistants: Mark Doddato, Maia Harms, AJ Kane

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone that tuned in for our first ever live video broadcast from the photoshoot! It was so cool getting comments, emails and Facebook messages from so many people from around the globe who tuned in to watch!

Hopefully, you got to see something interesting and not my big bootie in the way of the camera!

Stay tuned for more video broadcasts from other shoots!

Sick of your job?

Here's a handful of images we shot for the current issue of Time Out Chicago and the mini-issue that'll help you get your groove on with a happier and healthier career!

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Elvis has left the building . . .

Here's an outtake from our last shoot before we head off for a much needed summer vacation! Keep an eye out for our mid-summer promos which are popping in the mail this week. If you want one, send me an email through my website.

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