I Heart NY

Here are some recent portraits from my time here in NY. I really love it here, but I've been gone from Chicago for almost a month now and am excited to get back! (Although, I'm in San Francisco all of next week and the week after). Happy Easter!

Brooklynites - Heather

Brooklynites - Loren

Brooklynites - Marie

Brooklynites - Ryan S.

Future window

So, I'm walking around the Upper West Side today in NYC and I stumbled upon this very curious window. It made me giggle and laugh out loud. It made me think about whose bedroom this is and what kind of imagination he/she has. When Brian and I decide to have a child of our own (or two) I think that this is what his/her window ledge will look like. If you know Brian and I, you know what I mean.


A few outakes from a shoot we did this weekend! Enjoy!

I'm off to New York City for a few weeks! Keep checking back for updates!
Have a great March!

Leo & Ava

I first photographed Leo when he was just a couple days old. He is one of THE coolest 3 year olds you'll EVER meet. His little sis, Ava is stiff competition too! I don't really photograph many kids, but I'll drop what I'm doing to photograph these guys! I might start filling in a section of my portfolio just for these monkeys.