Searching for that great idea

And we found a hole in the process! I think the easiest way would have been to find a location and dig a hole. But, instead, we found a hole and built a location!

We had another great shoot this weekend for the USPS. Here's a sneak peak at the original concept as well as another time lapse of the setup with a few shots that I did for myself. The final image for the client is finished and I'm SO EXCITED to see it printed! You'll just have to wait and see what led this man to dig, dig, dig!

And once again, I was all hands on this by scouting the hole (thanks Ife), designing the simple set, styling the wardrobe and the final retouching (which at one point was a 1.25GB file in Photoshop!) Yowzahs!

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!

We just wrapped a FANTASTIC and ENLIGHTENING shoot for the USPS today at the ultra-colorful Bubbleland here in Chicago! Ife (our amazing model) kicked some serious ass, as well as our amazing team Emily, Julie T, Ashley, Mark and Michael. Can't wait to see the final images all clean and polished!

Stick 'Em Up!

Pick up the latest issue of ESPN Magazine to see a portrait I shot of the executives of Fatheads, a fun, campy and innovative company that creates those HUGE life-size decals for your walls, ceiling, car, or pretty much anywhere you want! We had a blast with the Fatheads at their headquarters, especially dodging their nurf darts and getting a head-rush from their slushy machine!

Thanks for your support Twizzlers!

Wink . . . Wink . . .

TANK you very much

So, I've been shooting time lapse images of my work in the studio and realized that it is a great way for others to get a sense of my personal shoots. The video below gives you a glimpse into a shoot that I did yesterday in the studio. It took about 12 total hours to build the simple set and a couple more hours to shoot and play around. Reiterating the importance of being resourceful and using/learning new skills (other than pressing a shutter button) in order to keep your creative compact fluorescent lightbulb in the "on" position.

Getting tough at the Mug and Brush

We just got back from an insanely adventurous week in Columbus shooting anything and everything UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Thanks to an amazing team (Lisa, Seth & Mark) and also to Jim who owns the Mug and Brush for letting us take over the shop for a portrait! If you're looking for a trim or a good shave the next time you're in Columbus, Ohio, be sure to stop in!

That's me checking in on my current issue of Boys Life magazine.

And, there I am again sippin on the world's best orange-carrot-ginger blend from Northstar. Although it looks like I'm drinking a cup of orange tempera paint, it's quite tasty and highly addictive. I'm yearning for my own home juicing machine really bad.

Oh oh oh OHIO!

We're about to head out on location again for an action-packed, star-studded 4 day shoot. I'm already getting butterflies about creating powerful portraits some of the world's toughest fighters. Perhaps they'll teach me some new tricks to kick some more ass! Perhaps!

I just won't tell them about my butterflies or they'll think I'm some sort of fancy-pants city boy (wait a second . . .)

Would you be a doll and pass me the sunscreen and the vodka, please.

There's nothing like a day filled with nudity, fishnets, GIANT martini shakers, horribly wonderful fake scenery and a Liza Minnelli fanatic with 5 personalities trapped in her head. Wacky as all hell. This is Shanna (AKA Lorraine). She has a brilliant new show coming up at Davenports in Wicker Park that you must must must go see. I'll be sure to post more when the show dates and times are available.