On a personal note . . .

Brian and I were in Phoenix this weekend for our niece Natasha's Christening. It was such a great, quick trip and was lovely to see Brian's family. It was our first time seeing Natasha in person instead of on the web cam. Here's a couple pics of Brian with Natasha and her brother (our nephew) Carson!

New season, new photos, new promos!

Here's the Spring lineup of promos!

Chicago's Looptopia featuring Project Superhero!

If you don't have any plans from 5PM on May 2nd until 2AM on the 3rd you better be partying down in the Loop for the 2008 Looptopia - Chicago's "All-Night Cultural Celebration"

My Project Superhero will be featured in the upstairs gallery at the Metropolis Building (The Art Store, also known as Blick Art Materials)!

But wait, there's more!

Cross over State Street again and head to the storefront windows of Sears and you'll see MORE damn Superheroes!! We're taking over, I swear.

Its going to be a fantastic 2008 Looptopia and I look forward to seeing a HUGE turnout!

Disco Inferno

I think the Trammps' Disco Inferno is an appropriate song for this photo. Especially since the little inferno that occurred shortly after this was shot. (see the ball of fire below)

Baked potato anyone?

Yes, he actually plays drums dressed like this for his band. Their kick ass shows shouldn't be missed.

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

Simple example of why I love what I do. Seth assisted me last night shooting super slippery oil wrestlers with Maya Sinstress at the Cobra Lounge. If that wasn't enough action for the night, this ball of fire was the icing on the freakin' cake. Brand new SUV literally exploding down the street from the Cobra.

Keep checking back 'cause I've got some wicked portraits of oil wrestlers that you're gonna want to show grandma.

Thank you Emma @ Creative and Live!

My Snowbirds Project is currently being featured on the fantastic French based site Creative and Live. Creative and Live is an interactive web magazine talking about design, advertising, photography, reel shorts, visual art, events and other stuff.

And thank you Prophotos.ru

I was barely able to translate what they said in Russian, but THANK YOU Prophotos.ru for featuring me on your website!! And thank you Google Translate!

My nephew Sean . . .

I spent yesterday visiting the parental units as well as my sister and her family. I was actually able to get my all three of my nephews' attention for more than 2 minutes. Here's a few of Sean from yesterday!