I'm on location for a week in the Lone Star State.

Spaghetti and Meatballs!!

Trick or treat!!!! Here's my 100% handmade 2009 Halloween costume! I just couldn't resist the urge to go all out this year! I rarely bust out the craft table for costumes, but this year I thought I'd do something different!

Happy Halloween!

Alan Gross for Chicago Magazine

Here is a shot I did recently for Chicago Magazine. It is of the very talented Alan Gross, a Chicago screenwriter and playwright. Alan's new dark comedy, High Holidays, opens on October 31st at the Goodman Theatre here in Chicago. We had a blast working with Alan and his willingness to shoot at two very different locations, D4 (a Streeterville Irish bar/grill) and his home in Old Town.

Be sure to pick up the November issue of Chicago Magazine, currently on newstands! And thanks again to a terrific crew:

Styling: Sage Reed
Assistant: Mark Doddato
Makeup/hair: Sara Saltanovitz

Cluck cluck, laugh, laugh, cluck, cluck, giggle

What a day! We did another editorial portrait today for Chicago Magazine. Here's a shot of me in action as well as me getting up close and personal with our 'prop'. I have never met a chicken so well behaved and cooperative as this hot chick. The handler could literally bend and pose the chicken's cute little head and he would stay in that position until we needed him to change. AMAZING!

Thanks again to a great crew . . .

Styling: Courtney Rust
Makeup/hair: Ashley Bourdon
Assistant: Marc Altman


Here's a couple behind the scenes snaps from Monday's shoot for Chicago Magazine. A big thanks to Johnny's Icehouse and to the 9 freezing little ice skaters that patiently waited and worked with me to get a fantastic array of images for a feature in December! And no, I cannot ice skate - especially figure skating (I mean, come on! Look at my awkward posing!!!)

Thanks again to my crew of Marc Altman and Colin Beckett

Camera One . . . Camera Two

We had a fantastic shoot with DDB last Friday and I had an equally fantastic crew. Here is a couple perspectives from the prelight that I thought you'd enjoy, one is my angle, and the other is from my assistants/stand-in perspective.

Thanks again to a fantastic client and a really great crew.

Producer: Annika Howe
Stylist: Courntey Rust
Makeup/Hair: Ashley Bourdon
Digital Tech: Neil John Burger
Assistant: T. Harrison Hillman
Assistant: Brian Guido

My mobile office for the next few days . . .

I'll be here with the bears, squirrels, pine cones and ROCK LOBSTERS!!!