In Remembrance

Please take time this weekend to remember those we've lost in our lives and those that others have lost. Get out, enjoy life, enjoy the weather, and enjoy your friends and family. Recently, we lost two very important artists who were masters at their craft.

Robert Rauschenberg - Painter - 1925-2008

Cornell Capa - Magnum Photographer - 1918-2008

Semi-Permanent 2008!!

Look what came in the mail today!! The Australian design collaborative, Design Is Kinky asked me to be a part of their annual collection of artists and designers - Semi-Permanent 2008! Its the second time I've been included in their annual and am really excited! If you have a chance and got a little cash to throw down, I highly recommend purchasing it!

FYI - 2008 Orphan Works Bill

This impacts ALL OF US! Please post and re-post this video so more people know about it. Artists, musicians, photographers, sculptors . . .

Timeline Theatre 08-09 Season photos

Last week we shot a series of images for Timeline Theatre's 2008-2009 season. I like working with theatre companies because they challenge me to create an image that needs to represent an entire play, but allow the freedom to experiment.

If any young photographers out there want to build their portfolios in different areas, I really suggest connecting with any local theatre companies to help them out. You won't make bank, but you'll be building your name, your tearsheets, and your portfolio at the same time.

For those that missed it . . .

There's still time to peek at the remaining Superheroes on State Street and Madison Avenue! They'll be here until Sunday Morning. Otherwise, you'll just have to come by the studio and see them close up.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Blog! Yep. It's been 365 days (plus one leap year day).

By the way . . . tomorrow I'm showcasing the collection of Project Superhero in two, yes two, locations during Looptopia

The framed prints are in the storefront window on the corner of Madison and State Street - Sears on State
The entire collection of Superheroes will be projected in the gallery space on the 3rd floor on Monroe and State Street - Blick Art Materials (The Art Store)

Hope to see a jam-packed crowd tomorrow and into the wee hours of Saturday!