A Million Little Pictures

My official 24 frame, low-fi disposable camera just arrive and I couldn't be more happy to start using it! I'm participating in Art House Co-op's latest project A Million Little Pictures!
During the summer, one thousand artists from around the world (including me) will document their lives in 24 frames using a simple disposable camera with a flash. On September 25th, 2009, an exhibition housing over 24,000 photographs will be constructed to take you on an adventure through the lives of these thousand artists. Stay tuned to hear more about the progress of my part in this project (and for more details about the exhibit's travels around the globe)!

Just for laughs (kinda)

Thanks Burns Auto Parts for finding and posting this. This made my day!

Thanks FairSpot!

It is always flattering when someone finds your work and appreciates it enough to bookmark it, blog about it or put it in a collection with other working creatives around the world. Lose yourself at Fairspot here.

Sunshine + Laughter

We had such a great time photographing the lovely and talented Julia Sweeney (and her sweet dog Arden) yesterday. It's so rewarding to be able to squeeze many concepts into a couple of hours when shooting a portrait. Stay tuned for the final image, coming to a magazine rack near you!

Spring cleaning + collecting

I've been a fan of Jen Beckman's 20X200 for a long time now and have purchased several pieces like this and this and this and this. The latest added to our collection at the studio is from photographer Michael Lundgren titled Yuha Basin. It's dark and eerie quality makes a great addition to the dozens of pieces that grace our gallery wall.

The History Boys

One of the must-see plays in Chicago has to be Timeline Theatre's Chicago Premier of The History Boys (currently running through June 21st). I have the pleasure of working with Timeline to create show images for each season, and this image was one of the four that we shot for the 08/09 season. So if the hype about this show and my image isn't enough to woo you into picking up a couple tickets, then perhaps the wonderful set (which was designed by my loving partner Brian) will tickle your fancy!

The TIME 100

Congrats to Chicago's own Tom Dart for being included in TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World. I had a chance to photograph this image Tom back in the beginning of winter. Don't let his friendly, calm and approachable personality fool you. He's a power hitter when it comes to snuffing out the bad eggs in Chicago. Be sure to pick up a copy and read the other 99 compelling stories behind this list.

The Summer of Fluff

Check out the latest Time Out Chicago for a fun little series of images I photographed about things to do in Chicago this summer! Everything is neatly organized for you month by month, including a handy little guide to the 2009 festivals that thrive here in Chicago.
It was a whirlwind of a day in the studio to get all four of these shots (including inflating (and carefully filling and emptying) the kiddie pool, getting that fake grass to cooperate and styling the 400lbs of sand just right for those pesky dinosaurs!)

Congrats to the Winners!

A few from this weekend's shoot

Everything seemed to fall into place for this weekend's shoot for Men's Fitness Magazine - a great location, great weather and an inspiring subject with a compelling story of motivated 100# weightloss.

2nd Birthday Giveaway!

Hey there folks! Like the blog? Been a loyal reader for sometime now? Well, thanks for kicking ass!
May 1st was the 2nd birthday of this blog and in honour of that, we're doing a 2nd Birthday Giveaway!! The first FIVE people to email us through our website (and only our website) will be sent a free "Ryan Robinson Loves Your Face" t-shirt and a signed archival print from my portfolio!

I love my neighborhood

Seriously, you gotta love the chaos that can erupt at any moment in our Fulton Market neighborhood. On any day you'll see a flurry of dog walkers, pallets of frozen pigs, chicken and beef, thousands of farm fresh eggs, zero parking, lost Oprah Show audience members, fresh new art being installed and the occasional Chicago Art Parade!!

...and, of course me and Brian!