Turkish Delight

I did end up buying a boatload of Turkish Delight while in Istanbul last week. I was also fortunate to stumble upon a book seller who had a stack of vintage movie posters from Turkey. Some are American flicks and most were foreign. Check out the four I bought, after I had to bargain with the owner's 7 year old son for a lower price . . .

Recent Work for Chicago Magazine

Had another great shoot with Chicago Magazine for their Fall Theatre opener. We photographed a concept for Timeline Theatre's TO MASTER THE ART production opening in October. In addition to this shot, I also shoot all of Timeline's season promotional photography, check out some samples here

Styling: Sage Reed
Wardrobe: Rachel Healy

Recent work for Mountain Bike Magazine

Here are some outtakes from our recent shoot with Mountain Bike Magazine. Thanks to a great team: T. Harrison Hillman & Guido. I hope you've recovered from your allergic reaction to weeds out in the 'burbs!

Random link for your Monday pleasure: Russia 100 years ago, in color

This was posted on Boston.com about a month ago and is so fascinating. We may be able to recreate a specific image quality through an iPhone app or a Photoshop filter, but we'll never be able to recreate the emotion documented in these images. Click and Check this out!
(Prokudin-Gorskii Collection/LOC)

Recent work for Chicago Magazine

The studio was recently graced by the lovely Laurie Metcalf for Chicago Magazine. A native Chicagoan, Laurie's vibrant career started at the legendary Steppenwolf Theatre here in Chicago. She is best known for her role as Aunt Jackie on TV's Rosanne, Toy Story 1,2 & 3 as well as making a few guest appearances on CBS's Big Bang Theory. You can see her in the play DETROIT at Steppenwolf Theatre - currently running through November 7th.

Recent Work for USPS Deliver Magazine

Art Director: Grayson Cardinell
Producer: Lynn Renee
Stylist: Courtney Rust
Assistants: Brian Guido, Aaron Kissman, Taylor Prather
Retouching: Brian York
Set builder: Means of Production

iPhone snaps from Istanbul

We're back from a quick and exciting project in Istanbul, Turkey. To say that this city is amazing would be an understatement. The smells of tobacco, spices, food and the occasional whiff of Raki enhanced the impressive beauty that entombs this beautiful and historically significant city. Home to almost 13 million people, this city is constantly moving (except when you're stuck in the immense traffic jams everywhere). We were greeted with true kindness, open arms and a culture that is rich with layers and layers of history. I am extremely fortunate to have had this opportunity and cannot be more excited with the road ahead. Life is good. Ziyaret ve zevk benim fotoğraflar için teşekkür ederiz!

------ If you can't view the gallery above click here

Happy Humpday! Here's your weekly SQUARE + PLASTIC, No. 7 & 8

NW 17th and Lovejoy, Portland, Oregon Google Streeview

NW 11th and Flanders, Portland, Oregon Google Streetview


I'm just arriving back in the studio from Boston and now we're off for a quick job in Byzantium, otherwise known as Constantinople, otherwise known as Istanbul, Turkey!! See you in a week!

The limitless uses for Duct Tape

Supply list for this week's shoot:
1 Living room set w/furniture
2 Xacto knives
1 Bone folder
1 Pile of 3" Duct Tape
3 High Fives for awesomeness

Stay tuned to see more about what the heck we're doing in the studio!