May Day - Just getting started...

So, it's May 1st 2007. May Day. A day of new beginnings.

Historically, for me, a day when I used to bring flowers to the elderly by leaving bunches on their doorsteps, ringing the buzzer, and then running away. I think we should continue that tradition. Spontaneity - it should thrive in everyone's heart.

There are many different versions of how May Day has come about. One links back to a gruesome day back in 1886 in a section of Chicago very near to our loft.

I'm starting this blog in order to allow you a peek into my world. I'm a photographer. I'm an organized mess . . . sometimes. This blog will hopefully be a tool which will add more dimension to my work, my audience, my life, my everyday routines.

Things that I plan to do with this blog:

• Backtrack the past few months of my life
• Show new work - duh!
• Showcase previous work to back-log into the days when I should of had this blog
• Links galore! Introduce you to friends of mine in the creative fields
• Tell stories and experiences (past and present)
• Inspire someone

Lets get posting!!!