4Hands Massage

I'm usually not one to actually enjoy massages.


I would take a good back scratching over a massage ANY DAY! Weird, I know.

My close friend Tess used to get angry when she would try to massage me because I'd get squirmy and couldn't take it. Not because I'm a sissy (I'm totally macho) but because there is something about the idea of mushing and squishing muscles around under the skin that doesn't quite make me want to get a massage.

Think about how the sound of nails on a chalkboard makes you feel.

Thats what deep massage does to me.

ANYWAY - I recently photographed Janna and Michelle of 4 Handed Massage. As the name suggests, they work together during a massage, a truly unique experience. (not that I would know) They're two of the best massage therapists in Chicago (if not the country). Not to mention, they are the most caring and sweetest people I have ever photographed. The photos aren't my typical style, but I think they reflect Janna and Michelle's personality pretty well.

Look for their story and my images in Chicago Social, Chicago Magazine and others!