Take me with you (literally)

So, The Rapture (AKA Judgement Day) is upon us and we decided to celebrate with another update to the website! As you're running out of the house to stock up on pantry staples, helmets and bugs spray, you'll have a chance to check out the site on your phone! The lovely and talented Deb at dstripe.com hooked up our clean and simple Flash-based website to a clean and simple mobile site for all you smartphone users out there! Take some time to check out the site on your iPad while you're at it too (she did some custom coding for that as well).
I've also got some career-evolving work going on over here and you'll be seeing some new and interesting things popping up on the site in the next couple months. Stay tuned for the next chapter for Ryan Robinson Studio. It'll sure knock your socks off (or, at least encourage you to do some more doodling).
Speaking of Judgement Day, have a listen to one of my favorite bands, The Rapture.