New personal image series: Square + Plastic, No. 1 & 2

I've started to play with film again. It is a fun way to let go of the digital instant gratification that we've all grown accustomed to. I have a couple rolls of film waiting to be processed and if they turn out interesting, I'll post them! In the meantime, I'll start off by posting some images that were scanned today in the studio. These are raw scans and have only had the exposures and color adjusted - I'm not going to use the ShakeIt Photo app, Hipstomatic app or Make My Photo Look Awesome app (I just made that one up). Just simple, honest photographs of little things I notice from time to time - just with film and without the ability to press the delete button or to post instantly on Facebook or Twitter.

The title of this new work, Square + Plastic, doesn't necessarily mean that all of the images are square format. It does, however, mean that all of the images are taken with either the many Holgas, mix of Lomos, fun Dianas, or some of my dusty Brownies, Baby Brownies, Argus or some old Kodak box cameras - most of which are plastic.
Here are two to start off this fun series . . .

Randolph Street and the River, Chicago, Illinois Google Streetview

NW Johnson St & NW 16th, Portland, Oregon Google Streetview